Friday, 19 October 2012

Top 5 Mysterious Indian places

 Mysterious places in India

1.   Magnetic Hills of Ladhakh – These hills are located in the Ladhakh region of Kashmir and are believed to have the ability to pull the cars and even planes can get pulled towards it. No one knows if this is true,yet, and some say that it is an optical illusion. However, this is a mystery yet to be solved!

2.   Shivapur’s Levitating stone- There’s a small village in Maharashtra near Pune famous for a Levitating stone.The story is that Qmar Ali a guy renowned for his miracoulous power on his death bed requested a circular stone to be kept near his tomb. So this was done, now it’s is said if 11 people gather around that stone and say-“Qamar Ali Darvesh” the stone flies and hangs up in the air.The stone is very heavy and this event is still unexplained and unsolved!

3.   Shani Shingnapur- Have you seen houses with no doors? Another such mystifying places in India is a small village in Maharashtra located about 80 KMs from Shirdi. People do not lock their belonginings as they have this belief that if someone steals from them Shani God will punish them.Owing to this belief there is 0 percent crime in the village.

4.   Bhangarh – in Rajasthan, is stated to be the most haunted place in India and is said that there was a tantrik who tried to seduce the princes and also cursed the whole village that all should die. Even the ASI(Archeological Survey of India) has forbidden any one from entering the Bhangarh city either at sunrise or sunset.

5.   Roopkund Lake-or know as Skeleton lake is located in Uttrakhand somewhere in the desolated area of Himalayan mountains.This lake is know for it’s grave of 300-600 skeletons and no one knows why there were so many people in such a cold evnironment and even though that was not even a place enroute to any trading places!

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